JSC "LatRailNet" after consultations with applicants and infrastructure manager develops and adopts charging scheme regarding infrastructure charges for the minimum access package and for access to infrastructure connecting service facilities as well as collection scheme stipulating terms of collection of the above-mentioned charges.

JSC "LatRailNet" provides infrastructure manager with charging and collecting schemes to be included in network statement. Infrastructure manager ensures that infrastructure charges actually invoiced to the railway undertaking comply with the rules laid down in the network statement.

JSC "LatRailNet" ensures that the application of the charging scheme results in equivalent and non-discriminatory charges for different railway undertakings that perform services of an equivalent nature in a similar part of the market (except cases of specific future investment projects if the efficiency or cost-effectiveness or both can be increased and could not otherwise be or have been undertaken).

Infrastructure charging schemes encourage railway undertakings and the infrastructure manager to minimise disruption and improve the performance of the railway network through a performance scheme. This scheme may include penalties for actions which disrupt the operation of the network, compensation for undertakings which suffer from disruption and bonuses that reward better-than-planned performance. The basic principles of the performance scheme are applied throughout the network and set by Cabinet of Ministers.

JSC "LatRailNet" cooperates to enable the application of efficient charging schemes, and associate to coordinate the charging or to charge for the operation of train services which cross more than one infrastructure network of the rail system within the Union. JSC "LatRailNet" guarantee the optimal competitiveness of international rail services and ensure the efficient use of the railway networks applying appropriate procedures. For the purpose JSC "LatRailNet" cooperates to enable mark-ups and performance schemes to be efficiently applied for traffic crossing more than one network of the rail system within the Union.

AS "LatRailNet" charging and collection schemes

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