JSC "LatRailNet" takes decisions on the charges for the use of public rail infrastructure and capacity allocation on the basis of the equality principle and the requirements of the optimal use of rail infrastructure. In performing its functions, AS LatRailNet has a duty to ensure equal, fair and non-discriminating access to railway infrastructure to all carriers.

JSC "LatRailNet" is responsible for developing a programme of independence requirements laying down the duties of particular employees and measures to prevent unequal treatment of carriers and ensures sufficient control over the compliance therewith. In turn, the State Railway Administration monitors compliance with the independence requirements and reviews the complaints of the carriers regarding the breaches of such independence requirements.

Control measures for the evaluation of qualitative parameters of essential functions are also defined by the programme of independence requirements. To identify risks by using expert methods JSC "LatRailNet" carries out the evaluation of internal and external factors:

- internal factors: employees, company structure, information systems, communications and telecommunications resources, funding and authorization (by which relations with third-parties is regulated), knowledge and skills

- external factors: legislation, activities of stakeholders and economical situation

JSC "LatRailNet" ensures continuous improvement of the internal control documentation by adapting it according to legislative changes, industry development and company performance targets.

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