The charge for the minimum set of access services and for access to the infrastructure connecting the infrastructure with the service points shall be collected by the public railway infrastructure manager JSC "LatRailNet" in accordance with the Charging Scheme developed and approved  by JSC "LatRailNet" (after consultation with applicants and public use railway infrastructure manager). The railway infrastructure manager shall use the received fee to finance its economic activity.

The Charging Scheme shall set out the procedures by which the infrastructure manager shall charge carriers, applicants and operators of certain technological processes for the minimum set of access services and for access to the railway infrastructure connecting it to the service points, as well as other charges. Settlements regarding the performance of the essential functions of the public use railway infrastructure manager. The Charging Scheme determines the content of the invoice, sending and payment terms of the infrastructure manager and JSC "LatRailNet".

The infrastructure charge shall be collected in accordance with the charges set out in the Charging Scheme for the various cost parameters. The total final payment shall include at least the direct costs of each cost parameter component, as well as the relevant mark-ups (if any). Differentiation tools (congestion charges, environmental charges, project charges, discounts, sanctions, compensations, bonuses, etc.) may be applied to charges for different cost parameters in a particular market segment in order to change or adapt charges to specific market conditions.

The amounts of the charges are applied in accordance with the performance indicators of carriers, applicants and technological process performers (EUR per train km, gross ton km, number of wagons, etc.), plus taxes paid in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia.

If one of the instruments for differentiation of infrastructure charges is intended to be applied to the amount of the charge, these charges shall be replaced by differentiated charges determined in accordance with the Charging Scheme.

If sanctions are applied for behavior that disrupts the operation of the infrastructure, compensation for disruptions or bonuses shall be applied in accordance with the procedures and criteria set out in the Network Performance Scheme.

If, in market segments with pre-booked train paths, such train paths are canceled due to the fault of the manager and the applicant has not agreed to transfer it to another time or route offered by the infrastructure manager, the applicant shall be reimbursed by reducing the current infrastructure charge.

In the international 1520 traffic, the payment terms are applied in accordance with the conditions included in the Charging Scheme, except for the payment referred to in Paragraph 6 of the Charging Scheme, the charging conditions of which are described in Annex 6 to the Charging Scheme.