JSC "LatRailNet" makes a decision on public use railway infrastructure charges and capacity allocation in compliance with the principle of equality, as well as optimal requirements for the use of railway infrastructure. JSC "LatRailNet", performing its functions, is obliged to provide all carriers with equal, fair and non-discriminatory access to the railway infrastructure.

JSC "LatRailNet" develops a program of independence requirements, which defines the responsibilities of specific employees and measures taken to prevent unequal treatment of carriers and ensures proper control over its observance, while the State Railway Administration monitors compliance with independence requirements and examines carriers' complaints about the breaches of independence requirements.

The independence requirements program of JSC "LatRailNet" also provides control measures regarding the evaluation of the qualitative parameters of the essential functions. JSC "LatRailNet", compiling this program, evaluates internal and external environmental factors by expert method to identify risks:

  • internal factors: employees, company structure, information systems, means of communication and telecommunications, financing, authorization (governing relations with third parties), knowledge and qualifications;
  • external factors: legal requirements, influence and action of stakeholders, economic situation.

JSC "LatRailNet" ensures continuous improvement of internal control documents, adjusting them to changes in legal requirements, the development of the industry and its operational objectives.