JSC "LatRailNet" is responsible for capacity allocation on public railway infrastructure network. In particular, JSC "LatRailNet" ensures that infrastructure capacity is allocated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.

JSC "LatRailNet" develops and adopts capacity allocation scheme that is provided to infrastructure manager to be included network statement.

Requests for infrastructure capacity may be made by applicants. In order to use such infrastructure capacity, applicants shall appoint a railway undertaking to conclude an agreement with the infrastructure manager.

On capacity allocation the highest priority applies to the following services: services provided under public service contracts and services supporting foreign or national military forces, that fully or partially are provided by using public infrastructure that is established by state on special purpose (for high-speed, freight and other services).

JSC "LatRailNet" may set requirements with regard to applicants to ensure that its legitimate expectations about future revenues and utilisation of the infrastructure are safeguarded. Such requirements shall be appropriate, transparent and non-discriminatory. Only the provision of a financial guarantee may be included and it shall not exceed an appropriate level which shall be proportional to the contemplated level of activity of the applicant, and assurance of the capability to prepare compliant bids for infrastructure capacity.

JSC "LatRailNet" handles capacity allocation requests according the rules adopted by Cabinet of Ministers and the available capacity as well as the capacity that has already been granted in accordance with confirmed priorities.

The right to use specific infrastructure capacity in the form of a train path may be granted to applicants for a maximum duration of one working timetable period. JSC "LatRailNet", infrastructure manager and an applicant may enter into a framework agreement for the use of capacity on the relevant railway infrastructure for a longer term than one working timetable period.

Once allocated to an applicant, capacity shall not be transferred by the recipient to another undertaking or service, except where capacity is used by railway undertaking on behalf of an applicant that is not railway undertaking. Any trading in infrastructure capacity shall be prohibited and shall lead to exclusion from the further allocation of capacity.

"RZD ChME3-4517 MKZD" by Artem Svetlov (CC BY 2.0)
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