JSC "LatRailNet" may apply discounts to charges for the minimum access package and for access to infrastructure connecting service facilities.

Any discount on the charges levied on a railway undertaking by JSC "LatRailNet", shall comply with the following criteria:

1) With the exception criteria N.2., discounts shall be limited to the actual saving of the administrative cost to the infrastructure manager and in determining the level of discount, no account may be taken of cost savings already internalised in the charge levied

2) JSC "LatRailNet" may introduce schemes available to all users of the infrastructure, for specified traffic flows, granting time-limited discounts to encourage the development of new rail services, or discounts encouraging the use of considerably underutilised lines

3) Discounts may relate only to charges levied for a specified infrastructure section

4) Similar discount schemes shall apply for similar services and discount schemes shall be applied in a non-discriminatory manner to any railway undertaking

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